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BCAB Website The British Columbia Association of Broadcasters represents the interests of the vast majority of private over-the-air radio and television broadcasters in the province

BC Radio History website - Another look at British Columbia radio history with lots of photos and nostalgia

Broadcast Dialogue
Broadcast Dialogue is Canada’s broadcast industry publication of record

Broadcast and Media Communications - British Columbia Institute of Technology

Canadian Association of Broadcasters Website Canadian Association of Broadcasters - The voice of most of Canada's private radio and TV stations

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Website Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Canada's national public radio and television service

Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Website Canadian Broadcast Standards Council  deals with complaints and queries from the public about Canada's private broadcasters' programming

Canadian Communications Foundation Website Canadian Communications Foundation - The History of Canadian Broadcasting

CRTC Website Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is an independent agency responsible for regulating Canada's broadcasting and telecommunications systems, reporting to parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage

History of Metro Vancouver
The History of Metropolitan Vancouver - The title says it all.  An excellent work by noted late author, broadcaster & historian Chuck Davis.

Industry Canada Database Industry Canada Database - Extracts for the broadcasting service in Canada - AM, FM, TV and MDS-TV stations - plus information on how to set up such data on a PC, on technical limitations to stations and on available callsign letters.  Data has to be unzipped.

Daily news updates for the over-the-air radio and television broadcasters of coastal Washington State, USA and southwest British Columbia, Canada.

Northwest Hall of Radio History Dedicated to the media pioneers who built the region's broadcasting institutions.  Through their stories, the hall interprets the past to inspire others to shape the media of tomorrow.  The hall is curated by Seattle-based radio/TV producer and media historian Feliks Banel.

Daily news updates for the over-the-air radio and television broadcasters for the Okanagan + Kamloops to Princeton area of British Columbia

Puget Sound Radio
Puget Sound Radio - Discussion board for Puget Sound and Western Canada

Radio West
RadioWest - Discussion board for radio in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada with regional listings, station histories, historical music surveys, promo items and audio archives

Red Robinson website
Red Robinson was spinning the hits on Vancouver’s CJOR while still in high school in 1954 and was the first DJ to play rock’n'roll music on a regular basis in Canada. 

SPARC website SPARC is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving radio and electronic communications artifacts and history, with an emphasis on a Canadian perspective.

Over 80 years of Southwest BC radio and television, including a chronological written history, pictures and audio

Hit Parade Charts of the 50s & 60s from Vancouver's leading stations

VoicePrint is Canada's 24-hour audio newsstand, providing news, information, and entertainment to those who have difficulty accessing print.  VoicePrint continues to look for volunteer readers.

Click for the WAGRadio website
WAGRadio - Produced by prominent Vancouver voiceover artist, stage and film actor Bill Reiter

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