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Bill Inglis - On air as Bill Ingles; staff announcer CBU radio Vancouver circa 1947-54; producer CBUT Vancouver  1954-57; Program Director CBU radio 1957.  Died 1970s

Gordon Inglis 1980s - Click to enlarge
Gordon Inglis - On air as Gordon Ingles; news editor/ announcer CFAC Calgary circa 1941; CJCA Edmonton early 1940s; staff announcer including Symphony Pop Concert and other symphonic broadcasts CBR Vancouver 1944-1950s; news anchor CBUT-TV Vancouver 1953; CBC Vancouver announcer for 37 years.  Died in West Vancouver February 14, 2000 at age 81

David Ingram - Click to enlarge David Ingram - Fill-in talk show host: CFRA Ottawa; CKCK-TV Regina; CKY-TV Winnipeg; CKNW, CKST, CFUN, CJOR and Vancouver; CKVU-TV Vancouver; talk show host Delta Cable and Rogers Cable Vancouver; author of several books on income tax preparation; co-host It's Your Money CKBD Vancouver 2004-08 and CKNW Vancouver 2008-current; US/ Canada income tax, visa and immigration specialist The CEN-TA Group Vancouver to 2011.   Died in North Vancouver February 21, 2011 at age 68.

Bob Ireland - Click to enlarge Bob Ireland - Bachelor of Arts Psychology Simon Fraser University 1974; CKSA Lloydminster AB 1963-64; CKRD Red Deer AB 1964-65; CJCA Edmonton 1965-67; CKXL Calgary 1967-68; CFAX Victoria 1968-69; CKVN/ CFUN Vancouver 1969-74 except CJOR Vancouver 1972-73; Newshour BCTV Vancouver 1974-82; foreign editor ABC London 1982-84; foreign correspondent CNN Tokyo 1984-86; BCIT Broadcast Journalism iInstructor 1986-88; foreign editor CTV Toronto 1988-91; documentary and screenplay writer; producer National News CBC Toronto 1994-95; editor/ writer China Daily Hong Kong (CDHK) 2009-current.  LinkedIn profile 

Rob Ironside - Click to enlarge
Rob Ironside - BCIT Broadcast Radio program graduate 1976; News/ Sports/ DJ CFBV Smithers BC 1976-77; Technical Producer/ Overnight & Weekend Announcer CJOR Vancouver 1977-80; News/ Sports CKIQ Kelowna 1980-84; CBC Radio Edmonton 1984; News/ Sports CFTK Radio Terrace BC 1984-86; Technical Producer Music of Your Life/ weekend overnights CHQM Vancouver 1986-88; Tradex and Residential Security Officer Medallion Security Corp. Abbotsford 2004-06; Security Operations Supervisor Interglobe Investigations Inc. Vancouver 2007-08; Abbotsford Airport Security Officer Windsor Security Ltd. 2009-11; Supervisor Guest Services/ Security Officer Abbotsford Airport Securiguard Security Services Ltd. Vancouver 2012-17; retired and living in Abbotsford current.  LinkedIn profile

Laurie Irvine - Click for later photo Laurie Irvine - Engineer CKFC & short wave CKFX Vancouver 1934-37; CFJC Kamloops 1937-41; as Laurie Irving CKWX Vancouver 1941-1958, production manager 1942, special events director mid-fifties; CFCF Montreal 1958-61; CKWX 1961-63; first head BCIT Communications Dept. 1963-74; commentator CJVI Victoria 1974-75.  Died in North Vancouver January 23, 2002

Steve Ivings - Click for alternate photo Steve Ivings - Stand-up comedian and MC; Part of CKWX morning team/ creative director CKWX/ CJAZ-FM/ CKKS-FM Vancouver 1986-92; CKDA Victoria 1994-95; morning host CFAX Victoria 1997-2002; freelance 2002-current; comedian /producer/ director/ writer Studio 60 Theatre Toronto 2011-current.  LinkedIn profile 

Clive Jackson - Click to enlarge
Clive Jackson - Reporter BCTV Vancouver 1990s; Managing Editor News CIVT-TV Vancouver 1997; Assignment Editor BCTV/ Global Vancouver 2001-15; retired 2015; Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award from The Jack Webster Foundation 2018

Dave Jackson - Click to Enlarge
Dave Jackson - Diploma of Technology Broadcast Communications BCIT 1994; Producer/ Newswriter/ Reporter BCTV/ Global BC 1994-97; Creative Director Info Chip Communications Vancouver 1997-2016; Director of Content and Communications Spot On Digital Marketing Vancouver 2016-current; Founding President Power Play Ultramedia Ltd. 2017-current; weekend news anchor CKWX Vancouver 2018-current.  LinkedIn profile

Mike Jackson - Click to enlarge Mike Jackson - DJ CJOR Vancouver circa 1970

Peter Jackson - Click for newer photo Peter Jackson - DJ CFUN Vancouver 1957; PJ the DJ CKY Winnipeg 1957-1963; CKLG Vancouver 1963-64; CKXL Calgary 1964 on; sales CKWX Vancouver late 1960s-early 70s; real estate North Vancouver mid 1970s on.  Died in Victoria March 7, 2017 at age 80.

Randy Jacobs - Click to enlarge Randy Jacobs - BCIT Broadcast program graduate; show host WIN Radio Network; commercial/ sponsor producer; as RC Weslowski voice of Network Replay CKNW Vancouver current

Janice Jacobsen - Click to enlarge Janice Jacobsen - Producer/ host Danish program CJVB Vancouver 1970s-80s

Roy Jacques - Click for 2001 photo Roy Jacques - Fleet Street reporter/ Reuters news correspondent UK late 1930s; with Royal Regiment of Canada captured during Dieppe raid August 19, 1942 and spent three years as POW in Bavaria at Hohenfels, Belsen and Stargard; writer Saturday Night magazine Toronto following WWII; writer Calgary Albertan 1948-50; news CJCJ Calgary 1949; interviewer Why Do They Do It? circa 1950; news/ sports CKMO Vancouver 1952; news editorials CKDA Victoria; CKWX Vancouver 1953-late 1950s including Thinking Aloud commentary and News Director; News Director CHAN-TV Vancouver 1960-62; news/ commentary and host Action Line CFUN/ CKVN Vancouver 1960s-early 70s; judge on Magistrate's Court CHAN-TV (BCTV) 1963-72; news CJJC Langley circa 1972-75; CHQR Calgary 1980-81; CKWX retired 1986; commercial production and voice of McIver's Appliance radio commercials early-mid 2000s; author Mountains, Mozart, Manacles, Moose & Martinis 2005.  Died in Delta BC August 22, 2009 at age 93

Kristen Jade - Click to enlarge
Kristen Jade - CKPK-FM/ CJJR-FM Vancouver 2013-17; p.m. drive CKCE-FM Calgary 2017-current

Annie Jalac from CJVB poster 1979 - Click for recent photo Annie Jalac - Producer/ host Filipino program CJVB Vancouver 1970s-80s; Annie Jalac-Miles President Marinduque Association of British Columbia 2002-03; President NewWestminster/ Quezon City Sister Society current

Byron James - Click to enlarge Byron James - Graduate BCIT Broadcast program 2000; part-time regular weekly shifts and vacation fill-in CJJR-FM Vancouver 1999-2011; founder/ owner entertainment company Echo One Productions Inc Vancouver 2000-12; on-air personality CHLG-FM Vancouver 2014-15; on-air personality CFBT-FM /CHQM-FM Vancouver 2015-19; Director of Media & Advertising (Business Development) World Talent Games Inc. Vancouver 2016-current.  LinkedIn profile

Paul James - Click to enlarge Paul James - Evening DJ CFCP Courtenay 1997; anchor/ reporter CFNI Port Hardy 1997-98; reporter CFWB Campbell River 1998; anchor/ reporter CFCP 1998-99; reporter/ anchor CHNL Kamloops 1999-2000; morning reporter CKWX Vancouver 2000-02; reporter/ anchor CKNW Vancouver 2002-05; presenter People In the Know 2005-19 and host The Beijing Hour China Radio International 2010-19; part-time reporter/ anchor CKWX 2019-current. LinkedIn profile

Russell James - Click to enlarge Russell James - Intern KISM-FM Bellingham late 1980s; CKST Langley 1990; CKLG Vancouver 1990-93; CKZZ-FM Vancouver 1993-98; music producer 1998-2002; as Russell J. CHRK-FM Calgary 2002-03; CKLG-FM Vancouver 2003-04; midday host CJAQ-FM Toronto 2004-05; as RJ music director/ midday host CFBT-FM Vancouver 2005; evenings CKZZ-FM 2005-06; voice imagining 2006-current; Assistant PD/ Music Director CHBN-FM Edmonton 2007-09; Program Director CJNW-FM Edmonton 2009-12; Program Director CHBN-FM 2012-13; PD/ p.m. drive host CFUN-FM/ CKKS-FM Chilliwack/ Vancouver 2013-14 and PD/ middays 2014-16; fill-in host CKZZ-FM 2017; Sr. Program Director CKQQ-FM Kelowna 2017-22; PD CJJR-FM/ CKPK-FM Vancouver 2022-current.  LinkedIn profile 

Tim James - Click to enlarge
Tim James - BCIT Broadcast program graduate 2010; play-by-play/ reporter Spartans TV 2009-10; midday host Evolution 107.9 (BCIT) 2009-10; news/ ports anchor LA Radio Group Red Deer AB 2010-12; Golden Bears & Pandas volleyball play-by-play via webcast University of Alberta 2010-12; announcer/ audio promotions Red Deer College Red Deer AB 2011-12; music DJ WHL Red Deer Rebels 2012; news/ sports anchor CFFR Calgary 2012-14; news anchor/ national news anchor CKWX Vancouver 2014-23.  LinkedIn profile 

Dave Jamieson - Click to enlarge Dave Jamieson  - BA Political Science UBC Vancouver 1982; Broadcast Journalism BCIT 1986; host Expo Hotline Expo '86 Vancouver; Satellite Radio Network/ CKWX Vancouver 1986-88; news/ sports/ backup host Sportstalk with Dan Russell CKNW Vancouver 1988-93; program director CHED Edmonton 1993-98; Director of Communications & Marketing Edmonton Eskimo Football Club 1998-current

Glen Jamieson - CKMO Vancouver; operator/ announcer at launch of CKLG North Vancouver 1955

Randip Janda - click to enlarge
Randip Janda - Researcher OMNI Television Vancouver 2010-11; Assignment Coordinator OMNI 2011-12; Senior Assignment Coordinator OMNI BC 2012-13; Assignment Editor OMNI BC 2013-15; Colour Commentator/ Studio Analyst OMNI Television 2014-current; Communications Specialist (External) Vancity Vancouver 2015-17; Communications Strategist Cross Connect Media Vancouver 2015-current; afternoon host CISL Vancouver 2017-current.  LinkedIn profile 

Laura Janeshewski - Click to enlarge Laura Janeshewski - Bachelor of Fine Arts UBC 1986; as Laura Owen co-host The Complaint Dept. Rogers Cable 4 Vancouver circa 1992 and weekend news CKZZ-FM Vancouver early 1990s; Vancouver TheatreSports League alumna; producer/ reporter/ writer Maclean's, MoneySense and Canadian Business magazines and CTV and CBC-TV Toronto 1994-2006.  Died in Toronto November 6, 2006 at age 42

Jawn Jang - Click to enlarge
Jawn Jang - Graduate BCIT Broadcast and Media Communications - Radio 2013; programming intern KJR Seattle 2010; swing announcer CKPK-FM Vancouver 2013-15; weekend mornings CJJR-FM Vancouver 2014-17; on air personality CHDR-FM Cranbrook 2017; on air personality CISL Vancouver 2017-19; weekend show host 2020-21 and Jas Johal Show contributor CKNW Vancouver 2021-22; Media Relations Advisor Metro Vancouver regional transportation authority TransLink 2022-current.  LinkedIn profile  

Julie Jang - Click to enlarge Julie Jang - BCIT trainee; producer/ traffic reporter CKST Vancouver 1994-95; news updates CKVU-TV 1995-97; researcher/ field producer Vancouver Television CIVT-TV 1997-98; reporter/ anchor CKWX Vancouver 1998-99; marketing Jim Beam Brands 1999-2000; recruiter Kirkpatrick Staffing 2000-01; communications director Neuromed Pharmaceuticals Vancouver 2001-05; Communications Consultant Life Sciences 2009-current; Communications Director Sirona Biochem Corp. 2010-13; Communications Director Qu Biologics Inc Vancouver 2013-16; Communications Director Molecular You Vancouver 2016-19.  LinkedIn profile

Nadia Jannif - Click to enlarge Nadia Jannif - Graduate BCIT Broadcast Journalism program 2006; helicopter traffic reporter CKNW/ CHMJ/ CFOX-FM/ CFMI-FM Vancouver 2006; Executive Producer Canadian Traffic Network overseeing traffic for Corus Vancouver 2006-08; producer CFFR Calgary 2009-10; Breakfast Television producer CityTV Calgary 2010-15; associate producer/ producer CBC Vancouver 2015-current

Jay Janower - Click to enlarge Jay Janower - BCIT Broadcast program graduate; reporter CFVR Abbotsford; researcher/ sports department then sports anchor/ reporter BCTV/ Global BC Vancouver 1993-current.  LinkedIn profile           

Marianna Jaromi - CKRY Calgary; CHQR Calgary; CFCN Calgary; CKKS-FM Vancouver early 1990s; CHQM-FM Vancouver; news contributor Calgary Herald current

Carolyn Jarvis - Click to enlarge Carolyn Jarvis - Columbia University New York Graduate School of Journalism 2014; weather presenter The Weather Network 2002-04; reporter/ anchor RDTV (CHCA-TV) Red Deer AB 2004-05; reporter/ anchor Global TV Edmonton 2005-08; host Focus: Decision Canada Global News Network Ottawa 2011; anchor/ correspondent Global National  from Global Vancouver studios 2008-11; Chief Correspondent 16x9 Global Toronto 2008-11 and host 2011-16; Global News reporter 2016-current; Member of the Board of Directors Canadian Opera Company Toronto 2014-current; Global News reporter 2016-current; New York Festival and RTDNA Award winner.  LinkedIn profile

Mark Jeffries - Click to enlarge
Mark Jeffries - CKLG-FM Vancouver; CKOV AM Kelowna; middays CILK-FM Kelowna 1999-2018; middays CKOV-FM Kelowna 2021-current

Stu Jeffries - Click for recent photo Stu Jeffries - All night host CJGX Yorkton SK 1979; CJME Regina; CIRK-FM Edmonton; CBC-TV’s music video program Good Rockin’ Tonite circa 1985; CBC’s national rock journal Coast to Coast 1985-90; CKLG Two Stu's in the Morning (with Stu McAllister) 1996-2000; CJXY-FM Burlington; host CMT Central Country Music Television Toronto 2003-05; morning co-host CING-FM Hamilton 2005; morning co-host CJEZ-FM Toronto 2005-08; co-host syndicated radio The '80s Show 2009-current

Tom Jeffries - Click for recent photo Tom Jeffries - Part time CFAX & CKDA Victoria 1967-70; CKPG Prince George 1970-72; CKVN/ CFUN Vancouver 1972-74; CFRA Ottawa 1974-76; CFTR Toronto 1976-78; CFUN 1978-86; back-up weatherman BCTV Vancouver 1981; CJCH Halifax 1986-90; CKKS-FM Vancouver 1990-2000; CKBD Vancouver morning host 2001-03; host CKNW Weekend Morning News 2008 and Housecalls fill-in 2008-09 CKNW Vancouver; host Talk to the Experts CKNW 2009-10; retired and living in Vancouver.  CFUN Aircheck May 8, 1984 courtesy Radio West  Mike Cleaver interview 

Zlatko Jelinic - Click to enlarge Zlatko Jelinic - Host long-running Croatian Program CJVB Vancouver current

Al Jensen from CKLG promo poster 1958 Al Jensen - Host All Night Dance Music CKLG Vancouver late 1950s

Ian Jessop
Ian Jessop - Legislative reporter CKNW Vancouver 1980-88; Press Secretary for Premier Bill Vander Zalm and Rita Johnston 1988-91; director of communications BC Liberal caucus 1992-96; co-founder Seismic Events Victoria 2004; director of communications for Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal Party; talk show host CFAX Victoria current

Sara Jewell - Click to enlarge Sara Jewell - Part time CKWX Vancouver 1997; morning news CISL Richmond late 1990s; writer with appearances in Today's Parent, DogFancy, Maclean's, and The United Church Observer; morning show co-host CHUC Cobourg ON; freelance writer Port Howe NS current

Trish Jewison - Click to enlarge Trish Jewison - Columbia Academy School of Broadcasting Arts graduate/ recipient 2007 and Columbia Academy Newscaster of the Year award 2007; traffic/ weather Canadian Traffic Network/ CKST & CFUN Vancouver 2007-08; Sections Administrator The Canadian Bar Association British Columbia Branch 2009-11; traffic reporter Corus Entertainment (CHMJ/ Global BC) Vancouver 2009-current; Executive Assistant Sutton Group West Coast Realty 2011-12; Executive Assistant Mountain Equipment Co-op Vancouver 2012-13; afternoon traffic reporter Canadian Traffic Network (Global BC/ CHMJ) 2013-current.  LinkedIn profile 

Otis Jiry - Click to enlarge Otis Jiry - Columbia School of Broadcasting radio program 1977; part time CFRO-FM Vancouver; news/ sports CFMI-FM/ CKNW Vancouver 1980-82; sports/ commercial production CHQR Calgary 1982-84; sports director CKO-FM-4 Vancouver 1985-87; Collections Officer Revenue Canada 1990s; cabinet maker/ furniture restorer Louisiana 2003-current

Terilyn Joe - Click to enlarge Terilyn Joe - CFOX-FM Vancouver 1981-83; anchor/ reporter CITY-TV Toronto 1984-87; reporter Canada AM CTV Toronto 1988-92; news anchor KGO-TV San Francisco 1992-2000; Emmy Award for report on Hong Kong handover 1997; as TV anchor in movie George of the Jungle 1997; news anchor KNTV-TV San Jose CA 2000-02

Jas Johal - Click to enlarge Jas Johal - Producer/ reporter CKNW Vancouver 1991-94; reporter BCTV/ Global Vancouver 1994-2005; BC correspondent Global National Vancouver 2005-08; Global National South Asia correspondent based in New Delhi 2008-10; Global National South Asia correspondent based in Beijing 2010-14; Director Of Communications BC LNG Alliance Vancouver 2014-current; recipient of RTNDA, Can-Pro, and Canadian Association of Broadcasters Awards; recipient of Jack Webster Award for best feature 2001; Liberal MLA for new provincial riding of Richmond-Queensborough 2017; chosen by Vancouver Sun as one of the 100 most influential Indo-Canadians in British Columbia 2008; p.m. drive host CKNW 2021-current.  LinkedIn profile 

Roff Johannson 1962 - Click to enlarge with 2002 photo Roff Johannson - Evening host CKDA Victoria 1962; CFPR Prince Rupert 1963-64; weekend evenings CFUN Vancouver 1964-66; holder of PhD in International Relations & Economics; civil servant advising on trade policy development; administrator Simon Fraser University; global political forecaster/ international lending policy advisor Bank of Montreal; director Ambleside and Dundarave Ratepayers' Association 2000-02

Amelia John - Click to enlarge
Amelia John - BCIT Broadcast program graduate 2010; news anchor/ editor CKWX Vancouver 2010-13; Marketing Support Administrator Nature's Path Foods 2013-14; producer CKNW Vancouver 2014-15; writer Global TV Vancouver 2014-15; news reporter then morning show anchor CKWX Vancouver 2015-18; moved to Australia 2019.  LinkedIn profile

Andrew Johnson - Click to enlarge
Andrew Johnson - Broadcasting diploma Mount Royal University Calgary; reporter/ anchor CTV News Prince Albert SK; sports desk Saskatoon; anchor CTV News Victoria 2007-22; news anchor CTV Vancouver 2022-current

Denai Johnson - Click to enlarge
Denai Johnson - Vernon BC radio 2004-09; evenings CFBT-FM Vancouver 2009-19; afternoons CHSU-FM Kelowna 2019-22; p.m. drive host CKPK-FM Vancouver 2022-current

Erica Johnson - Click for larger photo Erica Johnson - Graduate Radio and Television Arts program Ryerson Polytechnic University Toronto; reporter CKO-FM-4 Vancouver 1987-88; CFRB Toronto 1988-90; radio news reporter CBL Toronto 1990; national radio reporter and host of Radio Noon and Ontario Morning CBC Toronto; national reporter and helped launch The Health Show CBC-TV Toronto 1993; health reporter supper-hour news/ weekend news anchor CBC-TV Vancouver; reporter then co-host Marketplace CBC-TV Vancouver 2000-16; Vancouver-based reporter Go Public CBC national 2016-current; recipient New York Festival Award, national RTNDA Award and Golden Sheaf Award

Gordon Johnson - Click to enlarge Gordon Johnson - First live announcer/ operator/ music host CKLG-FM Vancouver 1964-69; voice over/ on-camera announcer BCTV Vancouver 1966-68; news anchor CKLG Vancouver 1969-75; news anchor CKNW New Westminster 1975-77; assistant PD/ announcer/ TV producer Delta Cable 10 1977-79; weekend host/ announcer/ operator CJJC Langley 1977-79; morning show host/ operator/ ethnic show producer CJVB Vancouver 1979-82; on air music host/ operator/news anchor CHQM AM/FM Vancouver 1981-83; news anchor CKO-FM-4 Vancouver 1983-85; news anchor CJOR Vancouver 1985-87; news anchor CJJR-FM Vancouver 1987-89; afternoon music host/ operator CKQR Castlegar BC 1989-92; available for public speaking current.  email

Jim Johnson - News CKXL Calgary mid 1960s; news CKVN Vancouver 1969-70

Lisa Johnson - Click to enlarge Lisa Johnson - Graduate UBC School of Journalism Masters of Journalism program 2004; internship Quirks and Quarks and news CBC Toronto 2003-04; Nelson bureau reporter CBC Radio News 2004-05; early news reporter CBC Radio Vancouver 2005-06; associate producer/ director B.C. Almanac CBC Vancouver 2006-07; CBC's first Citizen Journalism Editor 2007-08; environment reporter CBC Vancouver 2008-current

Rob Johnson - Click to enlarge Rob Johnson - CKCK Regina 1990-91; CJYM Rosetown SK 1991-92; CKIK/ CFFR/ CHQR Calgary 1992-99; CHNS/ CHFX Halifax 1999-2000; CKNW/ CJNW eye-in-the-sky/ weekend news 2000-01; CHNS/ CHFX Halifax 2001-02; Music Director Max Trax Calgary 2003-06; middays/ Program Director CKQK-FM Charlottetown PE 2006-current

J.J. Johnston - Click to enlarge J.J. Johnston - Board operator CKLC Kingston ON 1974-75; midday host CJET Smiths Falls ON 1975; morning host CKOB Renfrew ON 1975-76; nights CFCH North Bay ON 1976-77; evenings CFGO Ottawa and part time CKLW Windsor ON 1977-79; swing CFTR  Toronto 1979-81; p.m. drive/ mornings/ assistant PD CITI-FM Winnipeg Jets hockey broadcaster at CKY Winnipeg 1981-86; PD CHAM Hamilton ON 1986-88; national PD Moffat Communications/ PD CFOX-FM/ CKLG Vancouver 1988-93; national rock PD WIC Communications/ CFMI-FM Vancouver 1993-94; VP programming Standard Radio/ CKFM-FM Toronto 1994-2000; GM Corus Radio cluster Toronto 2000-05; GM Corus Radio (CFMI-FM/ CFOX-FM/ CHMJ / CKNW) Vancouver 2005-10; regional GM then contract consultant Corus Radio East - Barrie/ Collingwood/ Peterborough/ Kingston/ Cornwall ON 2013; President/ CEO, JJ international Media and Management Solutions Ontario 2013-current. LinkedIn profile  

Jesse Johnston - Click to enlarge Jesse Johnston - BCIT Broadcast program graduate 2006; talk show producer CKNW Vancouver 2004-06; reporter/ anchor CHUB-FM/ CFDV-FM Red Deer AB 2007-08; crime/ city hall reporter CHQR Calgary 2008-10; writer/ reporter CKWX Vancouver 2010-14; Surrey Bureau Chief CBC Vancouver 2014-20; RTNDA Dave Rogers Award recipient 2008.  LinkedIn profile 

Patrick Johnston - Click to enlarge
Patrick Johnston - History & teaching degrees UBC 2004 & 2007; journalism certificate Langara college 2012; Nation Network hockey 2011-14; BC Hockey Now 2012-14; Vancouver Province 2013-current; Province Sports Radio podcast producer 2013-17; Canucks and sports media beat for the Province 2018-current; contributor CKST Vancouver 2016-19; contributor/ fill-in host CISL Vancouver 2017-21; contributor Sekeres & Price and Rink Wide podcasts 2021-current; regular guest on Stirling Faux Show on CKNW Vancouver 2020-current; past appearances on CBC TV & radio.  LinkedIn profile

Rebecca Johnstone - Click to enlarge
Rebecca Johnstone - Graduate BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism program 2022; event marketing; intern then news anchor CKWX Vancouver 2021-current.

Warren Johnstone - Click to enlarge Warren Johnstone - Announcer CKNW New Westminster 1940s and morning host circa 1947

Rick Jonasson 1970s - Click for BCIT photo Rick Jonasson - CFCP Courtenay 1966; CJJC Langley 1969; CFVR Abbotsford 1970s; BCIT 1984 & Assistant Instructor of Radio Broadcast Communications; Operations Manager BCIT campus carrier current station CFML.  Died June 13, 2001 in Surrey at age 58

Art Jones - Click for 2004 photo courtesy Shaw Cable Art Jones - Boy actor/ singer CNRV, CRCV, CKCD, CBR, CBU and CJOR Vancouver 1930s-42; photo journalist Vancouver Sun 1940s; film and TV producer 1950s; numerous screen credits 1954-74; founding President, Chairman and Managing Director CHAN-TV Vancouver 1960; established and operated Panorama and Hollyburn Film Studios West Vancouver 1960s; awarded first Canadian Pay TV licence for BC and Yukon Superchannel 1980s; President/ CEO Tourism Vancouver 1983-86; recipient Variety Club Heart Award 1994 and Pioneer Award 2001; recipient Tourism Vancouver Lifetime Achievement Award 1996; three terms President Variety Club of British Columbia; board member/ office holder/ director of numerous companies and organizations; appointed Commissioner Vancouver Civic Theatres 1998 and Board of Directors Chair 2002-current; public relations and marketing consultant Art Jones & Associates current; producer/ host Art Jones & Company Shaw Cable TV Vancouver to 2006.   Died in North Vancouver April 7, 2006 at age 80

David Jones - Click to enlarge David Jones - Bachelor of Science Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology University of Alberta 1985; Senior Meteorologist/ Warning Preparedness Meteorologist Environment Canada Vancouver 1985-2017; broadcast meteorologist BCTV Vancouver 1994-96; broadcast meteorologist VTV Vancouver Television 1997-2001; retired 2017.  LinkedIn profile

Kenny Jones - Click to enlarge Kenny Jones - Morning host CJOK-FM Fort McMurray AB 2001-10; morning host CKQC-FM Abbotsford 2010-11; p.m. drive CFUN-FM Vancouver 2011-13; midday host CKLG-FM/ CJAX-FM Vancouver 2013-15; morning host CKBY-FM Smiths Falls ON 2015-17; p.m. drive CJAX-FM 2017-19; CKY-FM Winnipeg 2019; morning host CKSR-FM Chilliwack 2020-current and afternoons CHTT-FM Victoria 2022-current

Olivia Jones - Click to enlarge Olivia Jones - Overnights CFBT-FM Vancouver 2005-06; swing CFBT-FM 2006-09; afternoon drive co-host CFBT-FM 2010-11; middays CHQM-FM Vancouver 2011-22.  LinkedIn profile

Stan Jones - Announcer CBC Radio Vancouver 1950s

Walter Jones 1970s - Click to enlarge Walter Jones - CFJC Kamloops; Mounties baseball broadcasts with Jim Robson CKWX Vancouver late 1960s; CFJC Kamloops early 1970s; news CJVB Vancouver 1970s; sales CISL Richmond 1984-85; furniture sales Richmond.  Died in Langley March 22, 2012 at age 75

Al Jordan CKWX early 1950s - Click for 1961 CFUN photo Al Jordan - Morning news CKWX Vancouver early 1950s; host Theme for Teens program 1953 and production director CJOR Vancouver to 1954; CKOK Penticton 1954-55; CKOC Hamilton ON 1955-57; helped launch CHBC-TV Kelowna 1957-59; Good Guy and morning host CFUN Vancouver 1960s; production CJOR 1970s; continued commercial production for ad agencies 1980s; one of the most popular commercial voices in Vancouver market; retired 1980s.  Died in Vancouver May 7, 2009 at age 80.  1973 CJOR clip from BC Radio

Sharol Josephson Click to enlarge Sharol Josephson - Sports reporter CBC-TV Vancouver late 1980s-early 1990s; Health Watch reporter then noon and 5 p.m. news anchor CFCN-TV Calgary 1996-2000; host Canadian Living Television Life Network 2000-01; host Good Morning Canada CTV Network 2005; reporter CTV Calgary to 2006; Married Life Ministry, Bayside Church, Roseville CA 2006-09; Director of Advancement, Bayside (Covenant) Church, Granite Bay, CA 2009-10; Director of Development, Family Life Canada, Vancouver 2010-current; Executive Director Break Forth Canada Langley 2016-current; Executive Director One Conferences Vancouver 2016-current; Executive Director Break Forth One/ Director FamilyLife Canada 2017-current.  LinkedIn profile

Dug Joy - Click for recent enlargement Dug Joy - CFRW/ CHIQ-FM Winnipeg 1981-83; CKEK Cranbrook 1983; CKX Brandon MB 1984; CKY Winnipeg 1984-87; CKXL/ CISS Calgary 1987-90; CHED Edmonton 1990-1991; CFOX Vancouver 1991-95; CKLG Vancouver 1996; CHIQ-FM Winnipeg 1996-2007; voice of Global Television Winnipeg and national voice of Global Television specialty channels current; middays CFWM-FM Winnipeg 2007-08; p.m. drive CKIS-FM Calgary 2008; evenings CHHR-FM Vancouver 2009; p.m. drive CHIQ-FM Winnipeg current.  Dug Joy Voice Imaging  LinkedIn profile 

Shelley Joyce - Click to enlarge Shelley Joyce - Morning co-host CHQM-FM Vancouver 2004-05 and p.m. drive 2005-09; early afternoon talk show host CFUN Vancouver 2006-09; freelance/ associate producer CBC Kelowna 2006-12; morning host CBC Kamloops 2012-current

Bill Joyner circa 1975 - Click to enlarge Bill Joyner - Overnight news reader then reporter CJOR Vancouver circa 1974; morning show producer CBC Radio Vancouver; Director of Marketing Pacific National Exhibition late 1970s

Walt Judas - Click to enlarge Walt Judas - BCIT Broadcast Communications Diploma 1982 and Marketing Communications Management Certificate 1994; on-air/ PD CISL Vancouver; Vice President Marketing Communications & Business Strategies Tourism Vancouver to 2015; CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of BC 2015-current.  LinkedIn profile

Amy Judd - Click to enlarge
Amy Judd - BA English and Theatre Simon Fraser University 2005; MA International Journalism City, University of London UK 2007; Press Conference Reporter Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010; Director of Community/ Senior Reporter 2008-10; reporter Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times 2010-11; segment host CKNW Vancouver 2015-18; Global BC Online Journalist and On-Air Contributor 2011-18 then Online Supervisor 2018-current.  LinkedIn profile

Taylor Jukes - Click to enlarge
Taylor Jukes - (Natalee Taylor) - Columbia Academy graduate 2001; cruiser reporter CKVX-FM Vancouver 2001; promotions/ on air CISQ-FM/ CISW-FM Squamish/ Whistler 2002; evenings CHSU-FM and middays CKBL-FM Kelowna 2002-04; middays then p.m. drive CHBN-FM Edmonton 2005-07; mornings CHIQ-FM Winnipeg 2007-08; APD/ MD middays CJUI-FM Kelowna 2008-09; as Taylor Jukes mid mornings then assistant brand manager/ MD CKZZ-FM Vancouver 2009-13; PD CHHR-FM/ CHLG-FM Vancouver 2013-15; PD CKFM-FM Toronto 2015-17; Senior Manager National Content iHeartRadio Toronto 2017-18; Program Director WHYI Miami 2019-current.  LinkedIn profile

Dan Jukich - Click to enlarge Dan Jukich - Long time track announcer Hastings Park Vancouver 1990-current including announcer/ Director of Media and PR/ Simulcast Coordinator Fraser Downs Surrey; track announcer in movie Dead Heat 2002; host/ announcer racing results CKWX Vancouver early 2000s; inducted into the BC Horse Racing Hall of Fame 2015.  LinkedIn profile 

Angela Jung - Click to enlarge
Angela Jung - BCIT Broadcast Journalism graduate 2013; Intern CTV W5 2012; Reporter/ Writer CHCH-TV Hamilton 2012-13; Reporter Global Okanagan Penticton BC 2013-16; Journalist CTV Edmonton 2016-18; Reporter/ Web Journalist CTV BC Vancouver 2018-current. LInkedIn profile 

Kier Junos - Click to enlarge
Kier Junos - Bachelor's Degree  Journalism/ Economics Kwantlen Polytechnic University Surrey 2016; Staff Writer Red On Black Music 2012-14; freelance reporter/ photographer The Cascade Student Newspaper University of The Fraser Valley 2013-14; freelance reporter/ photographer The B.C. Catholic Newspaper Vancouver 2013-14; various positions The Runner Newspaper 2014-16; Intern Reporter Abbotsford News 2016; Contract Copy Editor 2017; various positions Joytv Vancouver 2017-20; Video Journalist CityNews Vancouver 2020-current.  LinkedIn profile

Ed Jurak - Click to enlarge Ed Jurak - Operated closed circuit CKSP at Pacific National Exhibition Hobby Show early-mid 1960s; weekends/ fill-in CKLG/ CKLG-FM Vancouver 1963-66; operator Exhibition Park horse racing with Jack Short 1966; CHTK Pr. Rupert Sept. 1966-Sept. 1971 (PD 1967-71); operator Stoney Productions Recording Studio North Vancouver 1971-76; on-air/ engineer CHTK 1976-79; application for FM stations in Pr. Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, Queen Charlotte Island denied by CRTC 1982; operator/ on-air/ engineer CKO-FM-4 Vancouver 1983-89; chief engineer CKST Langley/ Vancouver 1991-2002 (on-air 1994-2001); engineer CHUM Radio Group Vancouver 2002-04; independent production.  Died in Vancouver January 26, 2019 at age 75 

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